Adding value in
waste & renewable
feedstock trading.

Renewable Energy Storage & Trading

REST strives for opportunities to contribute to a sustainable world. The possibilities for converting raw materials and waste into circular and sustainable products are various. The increasing demand for new energy sources and sustainable products is accompanied by the increasing transition to a sustainable and circular economy.

Renewable Energy Storage & Trading

Our Mission.

REST stands for Renewable Energy Storage & Trading. With this trade name we have embarked the path of the circular economy. REST is on a mission to make the world more sustainable, partly by contributing to the circular economy. We do this by converting new residual flows into new energy sources. Let’s make the world more sustainable together!

Renewable Energy Storage & Trading

Our Renewable Products

REST stands for Renewable Energy Storage & Trading. With this trade name we sell and trade renewable feedstocks and wasted based products.

Technical Mixed Fatty Acids

Renewable Feedstocks for Biofuels & Biogass

Recovered Vegetable Oils (Technical Grade)

Organic by-products for Biofuels

Waste based feedstocks

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Renewable Energy Storage & Trading


We trade new and sustainable & waste based products. With the aim of adding value in the trade of waste and renewable raw materials.

We strive to create added value in the supply chain of our partners with our knowledge of trading and selling raw materials and liquid energy sources.

Renewable Energy Storage & Trading

Our Certification.

Renewable Energy Storage & Trading (REST) ISCC-EU CERTIFIED

As of July 2021, Renewable Energy Storage & Trading (REST) BV is one of the first in the sector ISCC-EU certified for 2nd generation residual flows for the biofuels industry.
Entirely in accordance with the simultaneously introduced tightened REDII regulations, established by the European Commission. This certification has strict guidelines and therefore contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

With this we participate in the certified chain from “Point of Origin” to traders and biofuel producers.

Renewable Energy Storage & Trading

Based in The Netherlands.

Based in the Netherlands, we trade in Technical Mixed Fatty Acids, Renewable Feedstocks for Biofuels & Biogass, Recovered Vegetable Oils (Technical Grade), Organic by-products for Biofuels & Waste based feedstocks.

Renewable Energy Storage & Trading

Let's build a sustainable world together.

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